Tell Your Children
Creative Studio — Illustration & Graphic Design Est. 2014

Nike Huarache

Nike Huarache Animation

A self-initiated creative collaboration between Tell Your Children and Genesis Motion Design.

The successful, ongoing legacy of the Huarache can be directly attributed to a defiant act by one employee. An underdog tale of ingenuity and grit, the concept for the Huaraches were initially pigeonholed as a failure due to a lack of interest from all sides.

Unapologetically, the wilful act and resourcefulness of one individual was what pushed it to market in the early 90s, and its humble offerings of 5000 unauthorised pairs were peddled at an unorthodox location, the New York City Marathon. Its early adopters were a core component of its success, soon becoming a worldwide phenomenon within a matter of months.

This indomitable spirit encapsulates the essence of the shoe, subsequently solidifying the silhouette’s magnitude amongst Nike’s pantheon of footwear.