Tell Your Children
Creative Studio — Illustration & Graphic Design Est. 2014

2017-2018 XLarge

X-Large x Tell Your Children

Animated Gif: In 2017, local gallery Habitual hosted the exhibition ”25 years of XLARGE”. 13 local were artists to interpret the infamous OG Gorilla logo. The result was an eclectic mix of art through various mediums, it was a reflection of Singapore's growing art & streetwear community blossoming. 

In collaboration with Genesis, we wanted to celebrate the brand’s silver jubilee by creating a gif made up of various interpretations of its iconic logo. 

Posters: The visuals are done in tandem with the release of ‘Yesterdays Tomorrow’, a capsule collection born in collaboration between X-large USA and Tell Your Children.

The collection was born out of the idea of tribes through time.

XLARGE 01.jpg
XLARGE 02.jpg
XLARGE 03.jpg
XLARGE 04.jpg